Well, it’s finally gone.

The most reviled, eventful, anxiety inducing and life altering year is over.  There seems to be universal agreement that it was one of the worst, most chaotic years in recent memory.  True, although I’m old enough to remember that 1968 wasn’t exactly a treat and,  for some reason, a lot of people had a bad time in 2016 (which actually was a great year for me!)   Still, we couldn’t wait to see the back end of 2020 and now that we, if you will excuse the metaphor, emerged from that back end, we seem certain that 2021 HAS to be better,  No doubt it will, but there are some things that I would never want to see again, some things I would like to continue to see & some things I would like to see return.

What I don’t want to see again are videos of another Karen or Kevin or whoever, regardless of gender, having a meltdown because they think wearing a mask is an infringement on their personal freedom.  Sure, it’s sometimes entertaining in an appalling sort of way, but the act gets tiring.  They’ve used up more than their 15 minutes of exposure and have gone from being amusing to sad.  Besides, why is it whenever one of these videos features a man (hence my use of the name Kevin), its always some 60 plus year old dude?   Can you guys stop giving the rest of us reasonable 60 plus dudes a bad reputation?

Another thing I don’t want to see is people having to be separated from those they love, especially when they need to be together.  I cannot imagine having your parent, grandparent, mother, father, someone you love, have to be isolated when the one thing they truly needed was a healing touch, especially if it was one of the last things they needed

I also really don’t want to see what would happen if I step on the weight scale right now.

OK…things I would like to continue to see from 2020?  The long overdue respect for health care and essential service workers, and it should be more than banging pots & pans.  It shouldn’t take a pandemic to show us just how valuable these people are.  And speaking of value, how about paying some of these grocery, cleaning and service providers a little more than minimum wage?

I’d like to continue to see people get inspired to learn a new skill, a new pastime or discover a talent or a quality they never knew they had.

I’d like to continue to see that renewed spirit of community and the understanding that our individual actions can have a positive effect the welfare of others.

I’d like to continue to see people discover, or reaffirm, what or who is most important to them

I’d like to see gas prices stay below a dollar 30 a litre….maybe even lower!

I’d like to be able to continue to have a little more room in the elevator (even though it probably won’t last)

I’d like to continue to see us being kind, calm and safe….even without a pandemic

Among the things I’d like to see return in the new year is watching sports teams playing to packed arenas & stadiums again.  Better still, I’d like to be sitting in a packed arena or stadium cheering on my favourite team again.

Subsequently, I’d like to see an actual live band or group of musicians playing in a packed stadium, arena, festival, club, basement….anywhere.  I’d like to go watch a live play in a great theatre…a very funny stand up comic in a cool club,  I’d like a lot of talented and creative people I know get the opportunity to perform and show that talent in front of an actual audience again.

I’d like to see every table at a restaurant or a patio full, rather than every third or fourth table…not to mention a seat at the bar.

Most of all, I’d like to be able to shake someone’s hand again….or give them a hug, if appropriate.

Until that happens, my wish for all of you is a happier, healthier and productive New Year!